Transportation Studies & Roadbuilding

TOPODOMIKI has all the required experience to conduct transport project studies and roadbuilding studies and can also carry out all the required support works (Geological, Hydraulics, Environmental, and Topographic). In conducting the aforementioned studies, the firm guarantees the satisfaction of the goals and the proper coverage of the needs of the respective users while also having as its main guide the total compliance to road safety regulations, the correct economic and technical evaluation of the project, and the ensuring of environmental protection.

TOPODOMIKI is able to conduct the below support works during the preparation of a transport study:

  • Topographic Surveys
  • Compilation of road cadastre and actuarial tables
  • Drainage, flood protection, and drainage studies
  • Environmental Impact Studies
  • Road signage studies
  • GIS development
  • Photographic documentation by Drone (UAV)
  • Orthophoto maps production
  • Digital Surface Model (DSM) production