Consulting Services

The constantly updated and complex legislation, and the ever-changing technical specifications create the need for support from specialized consultants, both in the public and the private domain.

TOPODOMIKI by utilizing its multidimensional and multiyear experience in the field of engineering studies provides fully modernized engineering consulting services to private and public organizations. The provided consulting services include a range of multidimensional subjects which are also the subjects of studies of the company.

Specifically, the services include:

  • Maturation and utilization of real estate
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Research, Development & Innovation
  • Project Planning, Implementation & Management
  • Public investment management
  • Bid planning & management

The company’s consulting presence in the group of companies of VIOHALCO S.A. and the Municipality of Markopoulo, Mesogaias, for various issues is noteworthy.