Quality Policy

In order to achieve its vision, TOPODOMIKI S.A. has established a quality management system for its tasks and operations. This system involves a series of processes and procedures intended for checking the quality of the provided services and products by documenting critical data.

The data collected during the firm’s operations, but also the overall performance of the organization, are analyzed and evaluated, so the administration can develop new ways to improve the customers' and employees’ satisfaction and its economy.

The direct framework of the organization’s goals is:

  • The standardization of the quality of its production processes and products.
  • The analysis and improvement of the efficiency of the above production processes.
  • The total satisfaction of the client’s specific needs.
  • The improvement of internal communication processes.
  • The establishment of a pleasant work environment which promotes the above advantages.

In particular, “TOPODOMIKI S.A. CONSULTING ENGINEERS AND GEOINFORMATICS” has been evaluated by the certification body THEODYNAMIKI LTD and has been found to comply with the requirements of the standard ISO 9001:2015 in the following scopes:
Topographic Surveys, National Cadastral Studies, Cadastral Studies & Implementation Act, Urban Planning, Regional Planning, Hydraulic Studies, Transportation Studies, Geographic Information Systems (GIS), Drafting and Digitization of maps and management of relevant projects, Financial Valuation, and Real Estate Development/ Utilization.